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Isla Rule

A girl and her bag

A girl and her bag.

A girl and her bag.



A Girl and Her Bag, MAE & I, a very stylish love-story

Last week I attended an amazing event organised by a national business network for women only. It was inspirational, beautiful delivered and with speakers so rich in soul, experience and humour to leave you feeling empowered and generally positive about your own soul, experience and humour.

Me, your girl, left the event feeling motivated, happy and strangely badass. It’s always a bit intimidating to attend networking events or business meetings when you’re a new business and are surrounded by such exceptional women. It’s always a stretch to go on your own (you’re your own boss after all), introduce yourself to a room of high-profile strangers and break that first ice cube.

What should not be a stretch though is to present yourself at your very best, wear something comfortable but sparkly and then, add that little extra…that single accessory that makes a statement on its own and paint your image stylish and beautiful…always.

If you have a business or represent a business, your image is your brand and your brand is your image, people buy from people and all that jazz.

This week my statement accessory came in the sleek forms of my MAE bag; a dark leather bag screaming fashion, business and just empowerment.

MAE is big but polished looking. It’s good for my laptop, my make-up bag and my papers; helps me find my car keys, mirror, mints and purse.  ‘She’ organises my papers, cards and general bag-mess adding a certain level of confidence and professionalism to my whole appearance.

MAE is the only partner I want to bring to charity, networking events with an edge and just cool, exclusive places…MAE is a cool, exclusive partner after all.

I think I am in love. I am in love with my MAE.

A Girl and Her Bag