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The marketing guys at Isla Rule have been racking their brains with some great ideas to “commercialise” the launch of their exciting new brand. I know I am letting the cat out of the bag here, but I got so excited when I was told who my fellow Isla Rule Brand Ambassador would be, that I had to tell all. Isla Rule have asked Lenka Gourdie to become an Isla Rule Brand Ambassador, and she will assume the role on 1 November. How exciting!

Lenka Gourdie  is the co-founder and CEO of the website www.bagservant.co.uk. She is cognoscente of everything fabulous and luxurious and is respected by people who know her for her keen eye for handbags, fashion and luxury products. Lenka has over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, business development and recruitment. Additionally she also has proven experience in commercialisation and new product development. Lenka worked for a fashion manufacturing house for over 2 years.

Lenka, will also list our range of handbags on her website, and include an introductory article on our brand and design philosophy. #prettysmart

As part of her role, Lenka will carry an Isla Rule handbag. She has selected our signature design, the Hannah, lined with our signature Amy Butler lining. She has specifically chosen the blue patent leather version of the Hannah. Welcome aboard Lenka, I hope you enjoy wearing your handbag as much as I do.