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Isla Rule

Gisela Rule


Let me introduce myself. My name is Gisela Rule, and my husband, Nick, owns a handbag business.

And yes, that is exactly as fabulous as it sounds! Let’s not pretend that it isn’t great to draw your perfect bag on a bit of tracing paper, hand it over to your other half and have it appear in real life a few months later. It also means that I get to try every Isla Rule prototype bag, change and add to it where it can be improved and watch proudly as they’re delivered to our studios before going on sale. Hence the title of my first blog, because I am without doubt a very lucky lady!

Although I love all our bags, I would be lying if I didn’t confess to having a favourite. My cherry red 100% leather patent Hannah bag has been a wardrobe staple since it first arrived. The colour makes it a statement bag if ever there was one. Yet, it’s my most practical bag – effortlessly making the transition from office to weekend. It’s also my go-to commuting bag – easily accommodating ‘heels -to-flats’ wardrobe changes en route to my office in the city. That hidden compartment is really a stroke of genius! (All credit to Nick for adding that feature!)


Come the weekend, I use the compartment to pack all our son’s paraphenalia needed for day trips. I’ve even braved a festival, only armed with my Hannah bag – easily stashing away my wellies and scarf in the bottom.

I can’t wait to try out the next round of prototypes. Nick’s finalising the spring collection at the moment and there is one tote bag that I simply adore. I promise to post pictures as soon as they arrive. Yes, I know…I’m very, very lucky!