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Isla Rule


Our story

Show me the content of a woman’s handbag and I’ll show you her life. So why could I never find a bag to fit my life? I am a wife, a mum, a corporate executive, a friend, a daughter, an artist, a runner, a traveller, a writer. But that hardly makes me unique. Every one of my closest girlfriends live lives that are at least as interesting, complex, exciting and (let’s face it!) frantic as mine. Yet, we take it in our stride. Like swans, we glide along although there’s a fair bit of paddling going on under the surface!

But… if you were to tip out my handbag to do a ‘life assessment’ you would come to only one conclusion. Save her from this chaos! That’s because every bag purchase I have ever made, led to the inevitable compromise of form over function. I bought it for the look, the colour, the shape, only to find that the ‘black hole’-interior created everyday moments of mayhem that simply wasn’t me… Scrambling for my keys… Desperately casting around for a ringing phone… searching through the detritus at the bottom of the black pit for a tissue, a mint, a memory stick…

It was time to take matters into my own hands: but where to start? Luckily I’m married to an entrepreneur and arch-pragmatist. He helped me to turn my ideas into a tangible concept by thinking through the key questions: What if there was a bag that was designed from the inside out? A place for everything, everything in its place. Could it be possible to love a handbag as much for its thoughtfully designed  interior as its stylish exterior?

A few tentative sketches, turned into a full blown research project, turned into the first prototypes, turned into our first range of bespoke Isla Rule bags – all crafted to the same design philosophy: True style means never having to compromise between form and function.

That’s why we continue to design bags that complement the lives of our talented, competent, stylish customers. That’s why we take care of every detail. That’s why we always make sure that you get more than you expect when buying an Isla Rule bag.