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Isla Rule

Cashmere Pashmina Shawls



For the ultimate in luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in one of our pashminas. The combination of cashmere with quality silk creates a stronger material with a slight sheen, which gives the material a graceful and striking appearance. The material is slightly heavier than 100% cashmere due to the presence of the silk and this extra weight gives the Pashmina an elegant drape when worn. A pashmina is a timeless, elegant, classic accessory, perfect for keeping warm, looking sophisticated and travelling in comfort. An Isla Rule pashmina is renowned for its premium quality and excellent value.

Warm, sophisticated, luxurious – pashminas make the ultimate accessory. Ideal for any occasion, and a must have for travellers and commuters. 

Hand made in Nepal
Free UK delivery
30 days return policy (terms apply)

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